Embedding a sign up form in your website is a great way to acquire new affiliates into your program. Customizing this sign up form allows you to remain on brand with the rest of your website!

First, go to the Customize tab of your merchant dashboard, and then click Creatives.

In the Affiliate Sign Up form section, click on "Open Editor" button. This will take you to the editor page. In the text section, you can edit all of the text in the Sign Up form, as well as the button shapes.

In the colors tab, you can edit all of the text, button and background colors, and you can add an image to your sign up form in the images tab.

Once you've customized the form to your liking, hit the "Publish" button in the top left, which will give you a pop up with your iframe code to embed into your website. For instructions on how to embed this code to your site, click here.

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