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Customizing the affiliate sign up form
Customizing the affiliate sign up form
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Embedding a sign up form in your website is a great way to acquire new affiliates into your program. Customizing this sign up form allows you to remain on brand with the rest of your website!

First, go to the Creatives tab of your merchant dashboard, and then click Sign up forms.

Click "New Form" to create a new sign up form. In the popup, you can create a form name (for internal use only) as well as choose which program affiliates will join when they register through this form.

Click Create to enter the form builder page. Here, you can edit all of the text, color, and styling of the sign up form, as well as add an image and even edit the form's CSS.

Once you're ready to publish your form, click the "Publish" button on the top right of the page. You'll now be able to add the sign up form to your website with iframe or App Blocks.

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