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How to manually approve sign-up form applicants
How to manually approve sign-up form applicants
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Social Snowball lets you create a sign-up form that either (1) automatically approves each applicant and adds them as an affiliate instantly or (2) requires applicants to be manually approved by you before they're added as affiliates. If you haven't already created a sign-up form, please refer to our tutorial on creating one.
While creating a new sign-up form, if you wish to approve the sign-up form applicants manually, toggle off the Automatically approve applicants so that you can approve or reject affiliates before they join a program via this particular sign-up form.

Once the sign-up form is live on your website and you begin receiving sign-ups, you can view them in the Affiliates > Applications tab.

In this tab, you can review each application by clicking the View Application button. Based on your review, you can Approve or Reject applicants. The approved affiliates are then automatically added to the selected program, while rejected applicants are permanently removed.

You can enable the emails from the Customize>Emails tab of your dashboard for approved affiliates, applicants, and rejected affiliates.


If you're using our Klaviyo integration to send emails, the flow trigger are:

  • When a new application is submitted for a sign-up form with manual approval and is pending approval:

    Social Snowball - Pending affiliate application
  • When the applicant is approved as an affiliate and joins the respective program:

    Social Snowball - Approved affiliate application

  • When the applicant is rejected:

    Social Snowball - Rejected affiliate application


  • You cannot enable or disable the auto-approval feature of a sign-up form that's already been created. You must create a new form and select whether you want auto-approval or manual approval. Once a form is created, you cannot modify this functionality.

  • If you currently use a sign-up form with auto-approval and wish to switch to manual approval, you can create a new form with auto-approval toggled off.

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