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Customizing the CSS of the affiliate sign-up form
Customizing the CSS of the affiliate sign-up form
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Although Social Snowball allows you to customize your affiliate sign-up form with our no-code editor, you can accomplish more advanced customizations by adding your own CSS to the form.

To set this up, go to the Customize tab in your dashboard and open the Sign-Up Forms section.

Create a new form or click on Edit from the dropdown adjacent to the form you wish to add custom CSS to.

From within the Sign-Up Form Editor, head to the Advanced tab. In this section, you'll see a field to add custom CSS.

To test this feature, add the following code to the custom CSS field:

* {
background-color: yellow

Your sign-up form preview should now have a yellow background!

CSS Classes Guide:


.body-login {
background-color: rgba(56, 96, 251, 0.1)!important;

Form Controls

.form-control {
border-radius: 50px!important;
background-color: rgba(56, 96, 251, 0.1);

Sign Up Button

.btn-thanks {
border-radius: 5โ€บ0px!important;
background-color: red!important;
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