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How to add your affiliate sign-up form to Shopify with iFrame
How to add your affiliate sign-up form to Shopify with iFrame
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Adding a registration page to your Shopify store is a great way to acquire new affiliates. This article will go over how to add an affiliate sign-up form to your store with Iframe.

First, go to the Customize tab in your Social Snowball dashboard, and then open the Sign-Up Forms section. Create a new form, or click Add to Shopify on an existing form.

Choose the iFrame option within the popup and Copy the generated code.

If you're creating a new form, click the Save & Publish button in the top right of the editor to generate the popup.

Next, log in to your Shopify dashboard and navigate to Online Store > Pages.

Click on Add Page.

Add a title for your page and then click <> to show HTML.

Now, paste the embed code you copied from Social Snowball here and click Save.

Your affiliate sign-up form is now embedded in Shopify and ready to go! You can preview this page by clicking View on your online store or add it to a navigational menu by clicking Add it to your store's navigation.

Pro Tips:

  • We recommend adding this page to both your main menu AND footer menu to get the most sign-ups possible!

  • Add text/images above the sign-up form that explains the perks of joining your affiliate program (see the image below for example)

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