Klaviyo is a cloud-based email marketing platform for online businesses that features email marketing combined with campaigns through social media. It allows for the efficient targeting, personalization, monitoring, and optimization of marketing campaigns.

This article will be going over how to integrate your Klaviyo account with Social Snowball so that you can include properties from Social Snowball (such as custom discount codes) in your emails.

First, login to your Klaviyo account, click on the dropdown menu in the top right corner and click "Account".


Next, click "Settings" and select "API Keys"


Select "Create Private API Key"


Now, in a separate tab in your browser, head to your Social Snowball dashboard and go to the "Integrations" tab underneath the "Customize" tab.


In the "Klaviyo Integration" section, add your public and private API keys that you generated from Klaviyo to their respective sections in Social Snowball, turn on the "Activate Post Purchase Events" switch, and click save.


Please note: By activating this integration, Social Snowball's post purchase email sequence will automatically be disabled. If you wish to turn those emails back on, you may do so manually.

To test if the integration happened successfully, go back to your Klaviyo dashboard and click on the "Profiles" tab on the left. If the integration went through, you will see a new profile called "".


Now that your integration is live, let's go over an example email you can set up using properties from Social Snowball.

First, go to the "Flows" section of your Klaviyo dashboard and Identify the Flow(s) you will be adding referral properties to (like the ‘Customer Thank you flow’ for example).


Insert the Social Snowball properties by editing the content of your chosen email and select the "Insert Property" option at the top of the content editor.


There are four custom properties from Social Snowball that you can add to your emails:

Referral Code - SocialSnowball (The custom discount code for the customer. Example: Samantha384)

Referral Currency - SocialSnowball (The currency of your referral program. Example: $)

Referral Friend Offer - SocialSnowball (The value of the discount code for the customer. Example: 10%)

Referral Reward - SocialSnowball (The value of the commission you will be paying your affiliates. Example: $5.00)

Here is an example of how you can add these to your post purchase emails:


This is what that email would look like sent to an actual customer:


With this integration live, you have the ability to fully customize your email flows with Social Snowball properties. The possibilities are endless!


It’s important to test that everything is working correctly. I recommend that after integrating and adding your chosen Social Snowball properties into your email flows, that you also make a test purchase to check that they are being shown as you intended.

Please note that the Social Snowball properties and events will only be created/triggered for new customers AFTER integrating the post purchase event feature.

Important note:

There can be a short delay between when a purchase is made on your store, and when Social Snowball can create and send that information (from the event) to Klaviyo. This can be mitigated by setting a delay between when a purchase is made and when the first email in your flow is sent.


Have more questions? Shoot us a message and our tech team will be happy to help you!

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