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Integrating Klaviyo with Social Snowball
Integrating Klaviyo with Social Snowball
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Klaviyo is a cloud-based email marketing platform for online businesses that features email marketing combined with campaigns through social media. It allows for the efficient targeting, personalization, monitoring, and optimization of marketing campaigns.

This article will go over how to integrate your Klaviyo account with Social Snowball so that you can include properties from Social Snowball (such as custom discount codes) in your emails.

Integrating Klaviyo with Social Snowball

First, log in to your Klaviyo account, click on the dropdown menu in the bottom-left corner, and click Settings.

Next, select API Keys.

Select Create Private API Key.

Please note, under the Select Access Level, select Grant applications full access for every API scope option. Click on Create once done.

Now, in a separate tab in your browser, head to your Social Snowball dashboard and go to the Integrations tab. Click on Connect in the Klaviyo tile.

In the Connect Klaviyo pop-up, toggle on Enable Integration. Add the public and private API keys that you generated from Klaviyo to their respective sections in Social Snowball. You can also toggle on Send SMS data for Klaviyo SMS if you plan to use Klaviyo SMS for your affiliate communication. Click the Save button.

Request Prebuilt Flow Templates

Once your integration is done and you want us to add prebuilt flow templates to your Klaviyo account, click on Edit and then Request Templates.

Please note: By activating this integration, Social Snowball's post-purchase email sequence will be disabled automatically. You may manually turn those emails back on.

To test whether the integration went through successfully, go back to your Klaviyo dashboard and click on the Profiles tab on the left. If it did, you will see a new profile called "[email protected]".

Now that your integration is live, let's go over an example email you can set up using properties from Social Snowball.

Klaviyo - Social Snowball Trigger Events & Custom Properties

First, go to the Flows section of your Klaviyo dashboard and identify the flow(s) to which you will be adding referral properties (like the 'Customer Thank you flow', for example).

Social Snowball creates eight trigger events that you can now use in your Klaviyo flows:

Trigger events



Social Snowball - Signed up as an affiliate via manual creation

Triggers when an affiliate is added to a program via manual creation

Social Snowball - Signed up as an affiliate via manual upload

Triggers when an affiliate is added to a program via CSV upload

Social Snowball - Signed up as an affiliate via sign up form

Triggers when an affiliate signs up for a program via a sign-up form with auto-approval

Enrolled in Social Snowball through purchase

Triggers when an affiliate is added to a program from completing a purchase on your store

Social Snowball - Affiliate changed program

Triggers when an affiliate changes programs

Social Snowball - New referral sale

Triggers when an affiliate drives a successful referral and any fraud filters are cleared

Social Snowball - Payout sent

Triggers when a payout is sent to an affiliate

Social Snowball - Discount code changed

Triggers when an affiliate's discount code is manually changed

Social Snowball - Pending affiliate application

Triggers when a new application is submitted for a sign-up form with manual approval; pending approval

Social Snowball - Approved affiliate application

Triggers when the applicant is approved as an affiliate and joins the respective program

Social Snowball - Rejected affiliate application

Triggers when the applicant is rejected

You can use these trigger events when setting up flows targeting your affiliates.

Insert the Social Snowball properties by editing the content of your chosen email and selecting the Add personalization option at the bottom of the content editor.

There are 10 custom properties from Social Snowball that you can add to your emails and SMS:

Custom properties



Example value

Referral Reward - SocialSnowball

The commission value of the program the recipient affiliate is in


Referral Currency - SocialSnowball

The currency of the affiliate program


Referral Code - SocialSnowball

The affiliate's discount code


Referral Friend Offer - SocialSnowball

The value of the affiliate's discount code


Gift Card Code - Social Snowball

The Shopify gift card code generated for a store credit payout


Social Snowball: Affiliate Order Value

The value of the order referred by the recipient affiliate


Social Snowball: Payout amount

The value of the payout sent to the affiliate


Program - Social Snowball

The program name that the recipient affiliate is currently in

VIP Affiliates Program

Previous Program - Social Snowball

The immediate preceding program name that the recipient affiliate was a part of

Default Program

Referral Code Type - Social Snowball

The affiliate's tracking method (tracking link or discount code)

Tracking link

Referral Link - SocialSnowball

The recipient affiliate's tracking link (Either a UTM link or discount link)

  • If you wish to add Discount Code as a property in your Klaviyo email, you need to use the following syntax :

{{ person|lookup:"Referral Code - SocialSnowball"|default:"" }}
  • If you wish to add the Referral Link as a property in your Klaviyo email, you need to use the following syntax:

{{ person|lookup:"Referral Link - SocialSnowball"|default:"" }}

Here is an example of how you can add these to your post-purchase emails:


This is what that email would look like when sent to an actual customer:


With this integration live, you can fully customize your email flows with Social Snowball properties. The possibilities are endless!


It’s essential to test that everything is working correctly. After integrating and adding your chosen Social Snowball properties into your email flows, we recommend that you also make a test purchase to check that they are being shown as you intended.

Please note that the Social Snowball properties and events will only be created/triggered for new customers AFTER integrating the post-purchase event feature.


To ensure deliverability, it is recommended that you turn off Smart Sending when creating flows and campaigns for your affiliates. Keeping Smart Sending on may result in some affiliates not receiving the emails as intended.

Important note:

There can be a short delay between a purchase on your store and when Social Snowball can create and send that information (from the event) to Klaviyo. This can be mitigated by setting a delay between when a purchase is made and when the first email in your flow is sent.


Have more questions? Shoot us a message; our tech team will gladly help you!

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