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How to add your affiliate sign-up form to Shopify with app embed blocks
How to add your affiliate sign-up form to Shopify with app embed blocks
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With the use of app embed blocks, you can add your affiliate sign-up form to Shopify without having to copy and paste any code! Before you add your sign-up form to Shopify, we recommend customizing it to your liking.

Please note: this installation method requires your Shopify theme to be using Online Store 2.0. If you use a vintage theme, you can add the sign-up form to your store with iframe.

To start, head to your Shopify admin and go to the Online Store tab on the left navigation panel. Click Customize on the theme that you would like to add your sign-up form to.

From within the theme editor, scroll to the bottom of the left panel and select Add section.

From the section selector, scroll to the Apps section and select Affiliate Sign Up Form by Social Snowball.

Next, go to your Social Snowball account and copy the unique form ID of the sign-up form you wish to add to your Shopify store. To do this, click on Add to Shopify button from the dropdown adjacent to your preferred sign-up form.

Copy the form's unique ID from the pop-up that appears next.

Paste that form's unique ID in the new Affiliate Sign Up Form section you just added to your store.

Once added to your storefront, you can adjust the sign-up form's position, as well as add it to additional pages.

Troubleshooting Tip:

If you cannot see the sign up form in your store, or it shows some error, you probably haven't pasted the correct unique ID of your Social Snowball sign up form in that particular section of your Shopify store. To correct this, you have to replace the default unique ID with the one you can see after you click on the "Add to Shopify" button adjacent to your preferred sign up form inside Social Snowball.

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