Social Snowball provides two features to protect against fraud:

Affiliates will not be rewarded for referring themselves.

If an affiliate tries to make a purchase using their own tracking code, Social Snowball will not count that as an affiliate order, meaning no commission will be created for the sale. We track this using the customer's email and Shopify customer ID.

New: Advanced fraud protection.

Enabling advanced fraud protection adds an additional layer of protection to your affiliate program from fraud. When enabled, referred purchases won't count as affiliate orders until that purchase is marked as fulfilled in Shopify. Once fulfilled, it will be treated like a normal affiliate order.

Payouts for unfulfilled referral purchases will show up as "pending fulfillment" in your merchant dashboard. Once fulfilled, you'll be able to send a payout for that order.

Delete Affiliate accounts

If you suspect an affiliate is committing fraud, you reserve the right to delete their affiliate account. You can do this by clicking on the affiliate's name in the Payouts tab, and then clicking the "delete account" button.

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