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Safelinks: everything you need to know
Safelinks: everything you need to know
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What are Safelinks?

Safelinks are a revolutionary affiliate link brought to you by Social Snowball. These UTM links generate unique, single-use coupon codes for each customer when they click on the link and land on your store. This allows your affiliates to offer discounts while preventing coupon code leaks.

Safelinks also allow you to further personalize the shopping experience for affiliate traffic with unique popups for each affiliate:

When a customer clicks the button in the popup to redeem their coupon, Social Snowball instantly generates a unique, single-use coupon code just for the customer. The next customer who visits the same affiliate link and clicks to redeem their coupon will have a different single-use code generated for them. Every customer referred from the affiliate gets the same discount, but they each get a unique code. If any of the codes leak to a coupon site, it will have no negative impact on your store since they are all single use.

Setting up Safelinks

To set up Safelinks, start by going to the Programs tab of your dashboard, and select the program(s) you wish to enable Safelinks for.

From within the Program Builder page, scroll down to the Tracking Settings section, and enable the Safelinks option.

You'll now be able to customize the discount codes that will be generated from Safelinks to be a percentage or flat amount, and any value. Just like any other affiliate link in Social Snowball, you'll be able to adjust the format, landing page, cookie attribution window, add Google Analytics UTM parameters, and shorten the links. Safelinks appear like and can be customized like any other UTM link.

The codes generated from Safelinks can even have minimum cart requirements, or only be applicable to specific products, collections, or even specific customer segments. All of these option can be configured from within the Advanced Program Settings section.

Once you are happy with your configurations, click Publish to save.

Important notes:

  • You can customize and personalize your Safelinks popup by editing the title, subtitle, button, helper text, and colors for all these fields. Read this article for a full tutorial.

  • Safelinks will populate in the same custom property in Klaviyo as normal tracking links.

    • If you are switching a program from normal UTM links to Safelinks, you don't need to change anything in Klaviyo.

    • If you are switching a program from discount codes to Safelinks, you'll need to replace the discount code property in Klaviyo flows with the tracking link property.

  • If a customer clicks on a Safelink, makes a purchase, and doesn't end up using the discount code they generate, Social Snowball will still track the conversion with a cookie.

  • Once a customer clicks the button in the popup to generate a discount code, that code is saved to the browser in a cookie and will be auto-applied when they reach checkout.

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