How to edit the Safelinks popup
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Safelinks are a tracking method Social Snowball offers that allows your affiliates to offer discounts without the risk of codes leaking to coupon sites.

You can now customize the popup shown to shoppers that click on a Safelink to create an even more personalized and on-brand shopping for referred traffic.

In a Safelinks popup, you can customize the following:

Title of the Safelinks popup
Suggestion: Include custom properties like Affiliate Name and Discount Value.

Subtitle of the Safelink popup
Suggestion: Use text to lead your affiliates into clicking the CTA.

Suggestion: Use your CTA.

Helper Text
Suggestion: Displayed after your CTA. Provide information about customer’s discount/checkout.

The color scheme for all of the above
Suggestion: Match the color schemes in tandem with your theme/branding.

How to customize your Safelinks popup?

First, head to the “Creatives” tab on your Social Snowball dashboard.

Now click on the “Safelinks Popup” tab and “Open Editor”.

Inside the editor, customize the Title, Subtitle, Button, and Helper Text under the “Text” section of the editor. Insert custom properties (Affiliate Name and Discount Value) in your desired fields.

Similarly, you can also customize the color for all these fields under the “Colors” section of the editor.

Lastly, check the preview as you edit everything, and once you’re done, click “Save” on the top right corner of your screen.

Done! Your Safelinks popup is now customized and ready to be used.

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