Social Snowball's commission filter (formerly "advanced fraud protection") feature lets you set a maturation period for a payout after a referral transaction occurs. During the duration of the maturation period, you won't be able to send the payout, and it's status will be "pending". As soon as the maturation period ends, the payout will be marked as ready and will be ready to be sent.

The most popular use case of this feature is creating a maturation period equivalent to your brand's return policy, so that any payouts associated to returned/cancelled orders will be cancelled automatically before you are able to send any commission for that referral.

To set up this feature, head to the Fraud Center tab of your merchant dashboard, and go the the Commission filter tab.

Once you enable the Custom delay filter toggle, you can configure the details of your filter. You have the ability to set any number of days after a referred order is placed or shipped. Once configured, any new payouts will show up as pending in your payouts tab until they clear this time window. Don't forget to click save when done!

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