This guide will serve as a playbook to help you quickly set up your affiliate program and start growing your affiliate network today.

**Please note: Once you install Social Snowball, the thank you page feature will begin displaying automatically. This along with post purchase emails can be disabled in the Customize -> Creatives tab. Although new codes will still be created from purchases, they won't be given to customers or shown anywhere until you are ready to go live.

Set the discount code and commission settings

It is important that you have a good understanding of your profit margins while deciding the values to set for your discount code and commission settings. For example, if you sell a $100 product with $50 profit on a regular sale, here is how you would calculate your profit on a referral sale:

If you set your commission value to $5 and your discount code to 10%, then your $100 sale would be a $90 sale with the discount code applied. Additionally, you would have to pay your affiliate $5 for their commission. So your profit on the sale would come out to $35 instead of $50. That may seem scary, but keep in mind that all referral sales are free sales, meaning you didn't have to spend any advertising dollars to acquire this customer. It is free profit for your business!

Important note: It's recommended that you set the affiliate discount code value as greater than or equal to any discount codes offered on your website for newsletter sign ups, SMS opt ins, spin to win wheels, etc. Making the discount code less valuable can result in a drop in tracked affiliate conversions since customers will usually go with the highest discount they can find over using an affiliate's code.

To set up your discount code and commission settings, go to the Program page under Customize tab in your Social Snowboard dashboard.

Customize your messaging

In the Customize -> Creatives tab of your dashboard, you can customize all of the design and messaging of your affiliate program.

Click on the "Open Editor" buttons for both the thank you page and sign up form sections to edit and publish these features!

Embed a sign up form into your website

Creating an affiliate sign up page is a great way to onboard non-customers into your affiliate program. You can do this from the Customize -> Creatives tab of your dashboard.

Integrate with your favorite marketing apps

Social Snowball syncs data to your other apps so you can communicate to affiliates on all of your marketing channels. Head to the Customize -> Creatives tab to set these up!

Invite your existing customers to your affiliate program

A great way to kickstart your affiliate program is by inviting your existing customers and fans to join your affiliate program. To do this, you'll first need to build a sign up form and add it to your store.

Next, you'll simply send an email blast to your customers using your email service provider, and drive traffic to the sign up form page you created. You can craft this email yourself, but if you are interested in using our proven template you can request it here (Klaviyo only).

Set up your payout preferences

Selecting the payout methods you are comfortable offering is an important part of getting your affiliate program ready. To do this, go to the "Settings" tab, and select which payout methods you would like to offer and click save. Please note: your affiliates will be given a selection of payout methods to choose from predetermined by the methods you preselect.

We highly recommend setting up our Tremendous integration for the easiest payout experience. Using this integration, you can send instant cash payouts to your affiliates with just a couple clicks, all from within the Social Snowball dashboard. For more info on setting this up, click here.

Finally, we recommend that you embed a sign up form on your Shopify store so that you have a way to convert non-buying store traffic into affiliates. For instructions on how to do this, click here.

For info on what your affiliates see once they get a referral sale, click here.

Need help sending payouts? Click here.

If you need more help getting your account set up or have any questions at all, please visit our support page.

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