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How can I customize the thank you page feature?
How can I customize the thank you page feature?
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Social Snowball allows you to fully customize all of the text and colors in our Thank You page feature. To access the editor, head to the Customize tab in your Social Snowball dashboard, go to "Creatives" page and click "Open editor" in the "Thank You Page Settings" section.

The editor page consists of two separate sections: an editor, and a live updating preview.

When you make an edit on the left of the editor, you will see the preview update in the right section of the page.

The pieces of text in blue boxes ({Affiliate Commission}, {Affiliate Discount Link}, etc.) are custom properties that you can include in the thank you page text. These properties will be unique to every user that sees them. To add a custom property, simply click on the box of the property you'd like to add. You will see an example of what this property will look like to a customer in the preview on the right hand side.

Make sure to click save when you are done editing!

Having issues editing the thank you page? Send us a message via the messenger icon on the bottom right of the dashboard and our team will be happy to help you! :)

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