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How to bulk import affiliates via CSV
How to bulk import affiliates via CSV
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Bulk importing affiliates is a great way to migrate affiliates from a previous program into Social Snowball.

To do this, start by heading to the Affiliates tab in your dashboard and click the Bulk Import button in the top right.

For the import to work, your CSV must be structured in a specific format (within a single column):


You can download a template for this here or by clicking the link in the Bulk Import Affiliates pop-up.

Once you've added your affiliate data to the template, select the program in which you wish to import them from the dropdown under the Program section. Then, click the Upload file button, select your file, and click Import affiliates.

Your import will begin immediately, and you'll receive an email notification once the import is complete with a report summary.

Imported affiliates will join your selected program and can also be migrated to other programs later if you wish.

Please note: any affiliates with missing information or existing affiliates will be skipped.

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