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How to generate discount links for your affiliates
How to generate discount links for your affiliates
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Generating discount links is a great way to track referral sales through a link, while also offering a discount to referred customers. A discount link is a link with a coupon code attached to it, and the coupon will automatically apply when someone reaches checkout after clicking the link.

To set this up, start by heading to the Programs tab of your merchant dashboard. Click on any existing program or make a new one.

From the program builder page, open the ATTRIBUTION & DISCOUNTS tab.

From within the program settings page, select either Both Links & Codes or Safelinks to create discount links for your affiliates.

You can now configure the Discount Type, Discount Value, Discount Code Format, Landing Page, or Cookie Duration of the discount links generated for the affiliates. You can also Apply additional UTM parameters for Google Analytics and Shorten Links.

Once done, make sure to click Save & Exit.

Here is a sample of the thank you page feature when the discount links option is turned on:

Clicking on the link takes the customers directly to your Shopify store, and any sales made using the tracking link will have a discount applied automatically at checkout.

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