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How to shorten affiliate links
How to shorten affiliate links
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Social Snowball allows you to shorten affiliate links, making them easier to remember and share. You can shorten affiliate links at the program level in Social Snowball.

These links can be shortened in either of the following formats:<affiliate code> 

To shorten affiliate links, head to the Programs tab in your dashboard and click on the program containing the affiliate links you wish to shorten.

From the program builder page, open the ATTRIBUTION & DISCOUNTS tab.

Next, scroll down to the Shorten Links section, toggle it on, and choose your preferred Short Link Format.

Make sure to hit Save & Exit to save your changes.

Now, all existing and future affiliate links in this program will be shortened in either of the following formats, depending on your format preference:<affiliate code>


  • If you're using shortened links for the first time, you will be asked to Update Permissions in Shopify. Once you do that, you can enable the option to shorten links.

  • You need to either have Both Links & Codes, UTM Links, or Safelinks selected for this option to show.

  • If you opt for the second format, you have the option to customize the "brand" portion of your links in the field mentioned below:

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