Social Snowball allows you to add UTM parameters formatted for Google Analytics to your affiliate's UTM and discount links. Enabling this allows you to track your affiliate program data right inside Google Analytics.

To set this up, head to the Programs tab of your dashboard and click on the program that you wish to track in Google Analytics.

From within the program builder page, head to the Tracking Settings card. Enable the " Apply UTM Parameters" option, and click Publish to save.

Please note: To use this feature, you must have either UTM link or discount link tracking enabled. This feature does not work with discount code tracking.

When you enable this feature, we will add source, medium, and campaign parameters to your tracking links and will format the links as such:

For UTM tracking:

For discount link tracking:

Tracking this data in Google Analytics

To view program data in Google Analytics, go to the Reports section of your Google Analytics account and select either user acquisition or traffic acquisition.

To view all Social Snowball data, filter by source.

To view program specific data, filter by medium.

To view affiliate specific data, filter by campaign.

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