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Sending commission payouts with the Trolley integration
Sending commission payouts with the Trolley integration
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Social Snowball integrates with Trolley to allow you to manage and send bulk PayPal, bank transfer, Wire, Check, or Venmo payments to all of your affiliates seamlessly from within your Social Snowball dashboard.

If you don’t have Trolley set up yet, please refer to this tutorial.

Please note, your affiliates need to add their payment information in their affiliate dashboard to receive payouts sent via Trolley. It is recommended that you email the affiliates, prompting them to complete their details and update the information within their affiliate dashboard to receive payouts. Here's the tutorial for your affiliates to refer to.

For all the affiliates who successfully add their information to receive payouts, you can send them the payouts directly from your Social Snowball account.

Head to your Social Snowball’s Payouts tab, select the user(s) you wish to send payouts to and click on Pay All Selected.

A Confirm Payouts popup will appear. Click Send Payouts to promptly process the payouts through Trolley.

The Payout Provider shown on the Confirm Payouts pop-up will correspond to the selection you made in the Commissions section of your program settings.

Points to Note:

  • For you to send and the affiliates to receive payouts via Trolley, the affiliate must fill in some details in their affiliate dashboard. Here’s a complete tutorial for affiliates if they wish to receive money via PayPal or Bank Transfers using Trolley.

  • You can add multiple users to your Trolley account. [Tutorial]

  • Taxation information. [Tutorial]

  • If you wish to split the Trolley transaction fees with your recipients, please refer to this section in your Trolley settings.

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