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Receiving Commission Payouts with Trolley
Receiving Commission Payouts with Trolley
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To receive payouts with Trolley, the merchant must first enable the option from their Social Snowball dashboard.

Once they have enabled and are set up on Trolley, go to your Social Snowball affiliate dashboard > Payout Methods.

Click on Add Payout Method in the widget.

Fill in the details and click Next.

You will then be brought to the Payout Method page in the widget, where you can enter your payout details for Bank Transfer or PayPal or both (depending on what option is enabled by the merchant). Once the payout method details are filled out, click on Add and Activate.

And it’s added successfully! Click on Done.

Similarly, by following the same steps, you can add Bank Transfer as a payout method as well to your affiliate account.

That’s it! You’re now all set to receive payouts via Trolley!

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