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Setting up Trolley integration to send payouts to your affiliates
Setting up Trolley integration to send payouts to your affiliates
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Social Snowball integrates with Trolley to allow you to manage and send bulk PayPal, bank transfer, Wire, Check, or Venmo payments to all of your affiliates seamlessly from within your Social Snowball dashboard.

Please note: Even though you can send payouts using Trolley to affiliates around the world, Trolley is only licensed to onboard businesses with legal entities registered or headquartered in the United States, Canada, the European Economic Area (EEA), United Kingdom & Gibraltar, Australia or New Zealand. For more country-specific information, please visit here.

  • PayPal (Recommended only for businesses with legal entities registered or headquartered in the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

  • Bank Transfers (Recommended only for businesses with legal entities registered or headquartered in the United States, Canada, the European Economic Area (EEA), United Kingdom & Gibraltar, Australia or New Zealand)

Step 1: Getting Started

The first step for you would be to create a Trolley account.

If you're looking to enroll in an annual Trolley plan, use the code social-snowball-23. For a monthly plan, use the code social-snowball-monthly.

Once you've created your account, click on the blue Complete Business Profile button, located in the banner at the top of your account Dashboard page:


You will be taken to the first page of the Business Profile form wizard, where you will be prompted for your Company Details. Enter all of the requested business information, and then click the Save and Continue button at the bottom of the page.


After completing and saving the first section ('Company Details'), you will see the remaining three sections appear further below on the page.

As for the next step, upload your business certificate or equivalent business registration documents and click Save and Continue.

Canadian Companies: Companies based in Canada will need to upload either a T2 schedule 50 or a shareholders agreement with an appendix that breaks down the ownership. For more information about this and other acceptable documents, visit here.


Once you’ve uploaded your business certificate, add the Signing Officer(s) in the following section.

Enter the full legal names and birth dates of your company's signing officers, and then click on the Save and Continue button at the bottom of this section.

NOTE: A Signing Officer is a person legally authorized to act on behalf of the business (i.e., Board Director, Officer, CEO, CFO, COO).


In the final Payout Information section, you will be asked for various details regarding your intended payouts, including:

  • The primary currency that you will be using to fund your Trolley account and make your payouts from. Options are USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, and AUD.

  • Your business category. Select from one of the options listed in the drop-down.

  • Monthly payout estimates, including the number of payments, total volume as an amount, and the percentage that will be sent internationally.

  • Payout countries. Click into this field, and then select all of the countries you expect to send payments to from the drop-down.

  • Purpose of your payments. Please include as much specific detail as needed to explain what your payments will be for, as well as a general description of your payout recipients and their relationship with your business.

  • Make sure to mention that you are an e-commerce business and will be sending payments to your affiliate partners. This information is essential for onboarding with our bank partners.


Once you have completed and saved each of the required sections above, scroll to the bottom of the page, check off the declaration, and finally click on the Submit Onboarding button:


After clicking on Submit Onboarding, you will get a pop-up confirming that your Business Profile was submitted successfully. The confirmation pop-up will contain a link to Trolley's Quick-Start Onboarding Guide, which includes walk-throughs to help you complete your Merchant account set-up.

Step 2: Adding Payment Methods

After your Trolley account has been activated, you'll have two payment methods available for setting up and sending affiliate payouts.

Note: Upon activation of your Trolley account, you gain instant access to send payouts through PayPal. However, for payouts via Bank Transfers, you must first complete a compliance and additional onboarding process (est. process duration is 4-6 weeks). A Trolley representative will follow up with you for initiation.

  • PayPal (Not recommended for businesses with legal entities registered or headquartered in the EU/UK)

After your Business Profile has been successfully submitted, you will have immediate access to Trolley's PayPal Payouts API integration. If you have a PayPal business account with Payouts API enabled, then you can connect it to your Trolley account and start sending out your PayPal payments from Trolley.

To activate PayPal, navigate to the Settings tab on your Trolley dashboard and expand the Payout Methods section. Select PayPal from the dropdown menu. (Alternatively, you can use this link directly.)

Within this tab, ensure that Mass Payments is chosen as the PayPal Payment Solution. Then, input your NVP/SOAP API Credentials and click on Save NVP/SOAP API Credentials.


To create NVP/SOAP API Credentials:

  • Log in to your PayPal business account at

  • Click the settings icon at the top of your PayPal account page and then click Account Settings.

  • On the Account access page, click Update for the API access item.

  • Click Manage API Credentials in the NVP/SOAP API Integration (Classic) section.

PS: If you have already generated an API signature, clicking Manage API Credentials displays the signature information. If you must generate an API signature, click Remove to delete the existing API signature.

  • Select Request API signature. Then, click Agree and Submit.

Once this is done, you’re all set to enable PayPal as a payout method.

The next step would be to make sure that you have disabled the Approval Process in your Trolley settings if you wish to send the payouts directly from your Social Snowball dashboard. (link)

After completing this step, you’re all set to move to Step 4 directly.

  • Bank Transfers (Recommended only for businesses with legal entities registered or headquartered in the United States, Canada, the European Economic Area (EEA), United Kingdom & Gibraltar, Australia or New Zealand)

A Trolley representative will follow up with you to initiate the onboarding process for bank transfers, and you should be hearing from the Trolley team within 1-2 business days of submitting your Business Profile. Activating bank transfer payments with Trolley involves onboarding with a bank partner, which may take 4-6 weeks to complete. Each of Trolley’s banking partners have unique business registration and compliance requirements that must be completed before bank transfers can be activated for your Trolley account. Trolley’s team will work with you each step of the way, helping to ensure that your onboarding is as seamless as possible.

Step 3: Adding Funds to your Account (Only for Bank Transfers)

Skip to Step 4 if you want to use Trolley just for PayPal payouts.

In order to send bank-to-bank payments from Trolley to your recipients' bank accounts, you will first need to fund your Trolley account balance. There are several account funding options potentially available, depending on the country your company is registered in and a few other factors:

  • Bank Transfer (ACH/EFT/FPS/SEPA)

  • Wire Transfer

  • Direct Debit (US and Canada only)

  • Interac E-Transfer (Canada only)

While there are various options depending on your country and banking set-up, you will only see the options available to you in the Add Funds section of your Dashboard's Balances page.

NOTE: Only users with Owner role permissions can add funds or change Trolley account details.

To review your Trolley funding options and instructions, go to your Balances page and then click on the blue "+ Add Funds" button in the top right:

add funds

In the Add Funds pop-out window that appears, you will see the available funding options listed at the top as separate tabs. Click on your preferred funding option to see the corresponding funding instructions.

For example, if you wish to fund your Trolley account via a bank transfer, click on the Bank Transfer tab at the top, and the bank account and routing details needed to send a bank transfer to Trolley will appear listed below:

bank transfer

IMPORTANT: At the bottom of your funding instructions, you will see a Reference/Memo. Make sure to include this Reference/Memo detail with your transfer, to ensure that your funds are allocated to the correct Trolley account balance once received.

Funding Timeframes and Considerations

  • Bank Transfer:

- Normally takes 1-2 business days to receive and process.

- No limit on amounts that Trolley can receive.

- The bank transfer network will depend on the Merchant's country, and may be ACH (US), EFT (Canada), SEPA (Euro zone), or FPS (UK).

  • Domestic US Wire (Fedwire):

- If sent before 3 pm Eastern, it can often be received and processed the same business day (depending on volume). Otherwise, domestic US wires should be processed the following business day.

- No limit on amounts that Trolley can receive.

  • International SWIFT Wire (non-US):

- Normally takes 3-5 business days to receive and process.

- No limit on amounts that Trolley can receive.

  • Direct Debit (US and Canada only):

- Direct Debit is available for amounts up to 50,000 USD per day.

- Subject to bank-partner credit approval, pending Direct Debit orders may be deposited on credit after 1 business day.

  • Enabling Direct Debit for your Trolley Account

To request the Direct Debit funding option for your account, the Signing Officer registered on your Trolley Merchant account will need to log into the Trolley Dashboard and submit a Direct Debit Authorization Form.

Navigate to Balances >Add Funds, and then select Direct Debit:

You will be prompted to provide your business bank account information and authorization (for the account you wish to fund from), as well as a void check that has your company name and address on it.

NOTE: If you do not have a void check displaying your current company address, you can also provide a bank statement from the past 3 months, which shows the account number info, company name, and company address.

You will then be prompted to e-sign and submit the Direct Debit Authorization Form, which authorizes our bank partner to order funds to be transferred from your bank account when you place a Direct Debit order.

  • Interac E-Transfer (Canada only):

- Interac E-Transfers sent during business hours are generally received and deposited to your Trolley balance the same day.

- There are limits on the amounts you can send via Interac E-Transfer, which vary depending on the financial institution. Check with your bank for the specific transfer limits in place for your account.

  • 3rd-Party Funding Not Accepted

PLEASE NOTE: We can only accept funds from the registered company that we have contracted with during your Trolley onboarding process. We, therefore, cannot accept funds from any 3rd parties, and funds will be returned if they are coming from a bank account registered to a different company name.

Step 4: Connecting your Social Snowball account to Trolley

Once your payout method(s) are all set, now is the time to integrate Trolley with Social Snowball.

To do this, head to the Settings tab on your Trolley dashboard.

Inside Settings, click on API Keys and then Create Production Key.

Copy the Access Key. Do not close the pop-up, as you will not be able to access the Secret Key once you close this.

Now log in to your Social Snowball merchant account and head to Payout Methods > Quick Payouts > Trolley > Connect.

Paste the access key you just copied in the API Key field in the pop-up. Similarly, copy the Secret Key and paste it into the API Secret field. Next, set the Payment Minimums for bank transfers.

It is recommended that you set it in consideration of the transaction fees in your Trolley dashboard settings.

Once done, copy the Trolley Webhook link from the same pop-up and add a webhook to your Trolley account by going to Webhooks > Add Webhook.

In the Webhook dialog box that appears next, paste the Trolley Webhook link that you just copied from your Social Snowball account. Select Model as “All models” and Action as “All actions” and click Add Webhook.

And that’s it; you are all set to send affiliate payouts via Trolley.

Step 5: Sending Payouts Using Trolley

After integrating Social Snowball and Trolley, you can email the affiliates, prompting them to complete their details and update the information within their affiliate dashboard to receive payouts. Here's the tutorial for your affiliates to refer to: link

For all the affiliates who successfully add their information to receive payouts, you can send them the payouts directly from your Social Snowball account.

Head to your Social Snowball’s Payouts tab, select the user(s) you wish to send payouts to and click on Pay All Selected.

A Confirm Payouts popup will appear. Click Send Payouts to promptly process the payouts through Trolley.

The Payout Provider shown on the Confirm Payouts pop-up will correspond to the selection you made in the Commissions section of your program settings.

Points to Note:

  • For you to send and the affiliates to receive payouts via Trolley, the affiliate must fill in some details in their affiliate dashboard. Here’s a complete tutorial for affiliates if they wish to receive money via PayPal or Bank Transfers using Trolley.

  • You can add multiple users to your Trolley account. [Tutorial]

  • Taxation information. [Tutorial]

  • If you wish to split the Trolley transaction fees with your recipients, please refer to this section in your Trolley settings.

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