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Creating a welcome email for affiliates bulk imported via CSV
Creating a welcome email for affiliates bulk imported via CSV

Set up a flow in Klaviyo to automatically send an email to the affiliates uploaded via CSV

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As you bulk upload affiliates to a program in your Social Snowball account, you can automatically trigger an email to the newly uploaded affiliates. This is a great way to welcome uploaded affiliates into their new program. If you need help setting up the Klaviyo integration, please refer to this tutorial.

Please note, this article only covers setting up an email flow triggered for affiliates imported in bulk via CSV. Refer to this tutorial to learn how to bulk import affiliates.

How to automatically send a welcome email (with their personalized affiliate information) to the affiliates imported in bulk?

First, log in to your Klaviyo account and open the Flows section. Inside the Flows section, click on Create flow.

Next, click on Create From Scratch.

Name and tag your flow in the Create Flow dialog box and click on the Create Flow button.

Now set up your trigger by selecting Metric under the What will trigger this flow? section.

Click on the “Choose metric…” dropdown under the What action will trigger this flow? section. Select “Social Snowball - Signed up as an affiliate via manual upload” from the dropdown.

Once your flow trigger is set, click on Done.

Add Email as the next step in the flow after the trigger.

Configure the email template and content to suit your communication needs. Don’t forget to add custom properties in your email that tell the affiliate about their discount code, affiliate link, commission value, discount value, etc. You can check the full list of custom properties here.

Once your email is ready, head back to the flow and click on Review and Turn On.

Done! Each affiliate you add via CSV will receive an email as soon as you add them. If you wish, you can add further emails as well to this same flow.

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