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How to provide affiliates with both discount codes and UTM links
How to provide affiliates with both discount codes and UTM links
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Providing affiliates with both discount codes and tracking links is a great way to give affiliates more flexibility in how they want to refer customers, all while creating a more accurate attribution system.

To set this up, start by heading to your Programs tab, and select the program you want to apply this to.

Within the program builder page, head to the Tracking Settings section. Select the UTM link option, and then enable the "Apply discount code with the tracking links" toggle. You can now choose a discount type (flat amount vs. percentage of sale) and set the discount value.

Make sure to click Publish to set your changes live! Now, all past and future affiliates in this program will be created both a UTM link and a discount code.

Example of an affiliate profile with both a code and link:

Important notes:

Customers who click the UTM link will also have the discount code applied at checkout automatically.

You can choose to show affiliates their code, link, or both in all affiliate touch-points (thank you page, emails, integrations, sign up forms, etc.)

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