When your affiliates receive their first referral purchase, we send them an email guiding them to set up their affiliate account. Social Snowball gives your affiliates access to their own dashboard where they can track their sales and input their information to receive payouts.

Whatever payout methods you choose to offer in your merchant dashboard will reflect as options for your affiliates in their dashboard. For example, if you have CashApp and Veem selected as payout options, when your affiliates sign into their dashboard they will be given the option to connect their CashApp or Veem accounts so that you can send them their commission. Once they do this, you will be able to send them a payout from the Payouts tab in your dashboard. Until they do this, you will not be able to.

If you use our Tremendous integration to send payouts, you will be able to send payouts instantly without affiliates needing to input their credentials first. Learn more here.

We send your affiliates email reminders to input their payout info so that you can send them a payout asap.

If an affiliate has been owed a commission for a while and is not inputing their payout credentials in their dashboard, you can try contacting the affiliate to remind them that they have a commission waiting for them.

Occasionally, some affiliates will never input their payout credentials, and in that case, there is not much more we can do besides continuing to remind them.

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