Social Snowball is partnered with Tremendous to allow you to send universal payouts to your affiliates via their email address.

Before we dive in, here's a high level overview of how it works:

  • You create an account with Tremendous

  • You upload a balance to Tremendous

  • You select what payout methods you'd like your affiliates to be able to choose from when they receive a reward (PayPal, bank transfer, Starbucks gift card, etc).

  • You connect your Tremendous account to Social Snowball

  • You now can send all of your affiliates commissions with 2 clicks, from within the Social Snowball Payouts tab

  • When you send a payout, your affiliate receives an email (that you can customize) informing them that they received a reward and asking how they want to claim it

  • Once they select a method to receive the payment, its theirs instantly (for example, if they choose Starbucks gift card, it would generate an electronic gift card for them right then and there that they could use right away)

Before anything, you'll want to create a 100% free account on Tremendous. Click here to go to their website, and then click "send rewards" to begin creating your account.

Once signed up, click on the billing tab from the left navigational menu and click 'Add Funds' to add a balance to your account. If you're in the US, you can add funds via bank account or credit card. If you're international, you can create an invoice and add funds via bank wire. You can refund this balance at any time with no fees.

Once you've added funds, it's time to configure how your affiliates can redeem their rewards. To do this, head to the Campaign Templates tab and create a new campaign.

You'll now be asked which methods you want your affiliates to be able to redeem their payouts in. We recommend selecting them all, minus the gift cards of your competitors (if there are any). All methods have no fees associated with them except for physical Visa gift cards, which have a 2.00 fee per transaction (to create and mail the physical card). Feel free to disable that option if you want to avoid the possibility of fees and keep all reward options digital.

After clicking continue, click 'Edit Your Webpage' to customize the page sent to affiliates when they receive a reward.

After saving and clicking continue again, you'll be asked to customize the email sent to affiliates when they receive a reward.

After clicking done, you'll input a campaign name (put whatever) and thats it! Your campaign is good to go.

Now, time to integrate with Social Snowball! Go to the Team Settings tab in Tremendous, and select Developers from the menu that appears underneath it.

Generate a new API key and copy it directly from the pop up that appears.

Unable to generate an API key? Contact us here and we will get your account approved.

Now, in your Social Snowball dashboard, go to the payout settings tab under Settings in your merchant dashboard and click 'Configure Tremendous integration'.

Paste your API key in the text box here and click continue.

The next step will ask you to select a campaign from your Tremendous account. The one you just created will be selected by default. Click Continue.

The following step will ask you to select a funding source. The balance you just uploaded will be selected by default. Click Finish Setup.

Now, just ensure that your Tremendous integration is switched to on (the switch will be blue) and don't forget to hit save!

Next, learn how to send payouts with Tremendous.

Additional resources:

Turn on w9 form collection for tax purposes:

Recipients who receive $600+ in rewards to the same email will be asked to fill out a W-9 form when redeeming their rewards. You can use this form to fill out 1099s.

You can enable this by going to Billing -> Tax Documents in your Tremendous dashboard.

Activate low balance notifications:

Receive an email when your balance drops below the specified amount.

You can enable this by going to Billing -> Account balance in your tremendous dashboard.

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