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Incorporating Social Snowball data into existing Klaviyo flows
Incorporating Social Snowball data into existing Klaviyo flows
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With our Klaviyo integration, you can seamlessly incorporate your Social Snowball data into your existing email flows and campaigns. This will help you create additional touchpoints with your customers to help nurture referrals. For instance, you can include affiliate information, such as referral codes or links, in your post-purchase flows to subtly introduce your brand’s referral program to the customers who became affiliates after making a purchase on your store. These personalized properties (affiliate links, discount codes, discount value, commission value, etc.) will be fetched from Social Snowball for each recipient in that flow using the integration.

Some best places to add messaging about the affiliate/referral program include:

  • The first email post-purchase

  • Any email that asks about leaving a review

  • Any email that is "from the founder" or talks about the brand's mission.

Read on to explore numerous other use cases.

  • Also, please note that the Social Snowball data will only be fetched for recipients who have been added as affiliates in your Social Snowball account.

First, go to your Klaviyo dashboard and navigate to the Flows tab. Open the specific flow and the email in which you want to include Social Snowball data.

Example: Post Delivery Customer Thank you flow > Email 1

Insert the Social Snowball properties by editing the content of your chosen email and selecting the Add personalization option at the bottom of the content editor.

There are 10 custom properties from Social Snowball that you can add to your existing (or new) emails and SMS:



Example value

Referral Reward - SocialSnowball

The commission value of the program the recipient affiliate is in


Referral Currency - SocialSnowball

The currency of the affiliate program


Referral Code - SocialSnowball

The affiliate's discount code


Referral Friend Offer - SocialSnowball

The value of the affiliate's discount code


Gift Card Code - Social Snowball

The Shopify gift card code generated for a store credit payout


Social Snowball: Affiliate Order Value

The value of the order referred by the recipient affiliate


Social Snowball: Payout amount

The value of the payout sent to the affiliate


Program - Social Snowball

The program name that the recipient affiliate is currently in

Default Program

Referral Code Type - Social Snowball

The affiliate's tracking method (tracking link or discount code)

Tracking link

Referral Link - SocialSnowball

The recipient affiliate's tracking link (Either a UTM link or discount link)

Use Cases:

  • Add Social Snowball custom properties to the email that goes after your product has been delivered.

    Add a few lines that say something like:

    "You can earn CASH for referring your friends! Just share this link LINK(Social Snowball custom property) with your friends. They'll get X(Social Snowball custom property) amount off their order, and you'll get Y(Social Snowball custom property) amount in cash!"

    Custom properties used above:
    LINK: Referral Link - SocialSnowball
    X: Referral Friend Offer - SocialSnowball
    Y: Referral Reward - SocialSnowball

  • Add Social Snowball custom properties to your post-purchase emails.


    This is what that email would look like when sent to an actual customer:


With this integration live, you have the ability to fully customize your existing email flows with Social Snowball properties. The possibilities are endless!

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