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How to integrate and pass contact information from Social Snowball to Shopify Emails
How to integrate and pass contact information from Social Snowball to Shopify Emails
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Shopify Email is a cloud-based email marketing tool that Shopify includes within its product offerings for online businesses that features email marketing combined with campaigns through social media. It allows for the efficient targeting, personalization, monitoring, and optimization of marketing campaigns.

This article will review how to integrate Shopify Emails with Social Snowball to include properties from Social Snowball (such as custom discount codes) in your emails.

Note: This integration will require the use of Zapier. Here's a direct link to register for Zapier. Currently, Shopify does not allow you to push 3rd party personalization information such as "Affiliate Discount Codes" or "Links." We recommend using our "Out-of-the-box" Social Snowball emails to update a program or notify affiliates of payouts/coupon codes.

First, log in to Zapier, click "New Zap," and look for Social Snowball under the "Trigger" section.

Next, you can choose from one of the triggers (for an explanation of each trigger, please read our Zapier documentation).

After selecting your Social Snowball trigger step, click "Add Step" and select "Shopify."

Once you've selected "Shopify," head over to the "Event" dropdown and click on "Create Customer".

After selecting the event, connect your Shopify store, click "Continue" and then add the following Social Snowball Data points to the corresponding Shopify Customer Fields:

Shopify Field

Social Snowball Data

First Name

Affiliate First Name

Last Name

Affiliate Last Name


Affiliate Email Name

Phone Number

Affiliate Phone Number



1. Social Snowball (Manually Entered)

2. Affiliate Segment Name

Note: You can add as many tags as you please here

Accepts Marketing



After completing the Zapier connection, go to the Shopify Emails app and click Create "+ Automation." Once selected, begin creating your automation with the "Customer Created" as the trigger, and then "Check if" Tags = "Social Snowball" (or whatever tag you would like to use to filter out who should receive an email. You can also do the same for campaign messages as well.

Once again, we recommend using a blend of Social Snowball's prebuilt emails + Shopify's emails to give your affiliates the most up-to-date information with the least effort by your team.

You can turn these emails on/off, customize the primary color, and remove Social Snowball's branding, but you cannot customize the actual content of the emails at this time:

To customize the content of the emails you send to affiliates, enable our Klaviyo integration or try using a provider like Sendlane or Omnisend and push information from Zapier into those platforms.

Once enabled, our team can transfer our collection of prebuilt affiliate email templates to your Klaviyo, Sendlane, or Omnisend account. Please get in touch with us via live chat to request our templates.

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