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Automatically generate a QR code for every affiliate link
Automatically generate a QR code for every affiliate link
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You can send QR codes to affiliates as soon as they’re added to Social Snowball as affiliates. The QR codes will directly redirect to their affiliate link, which can be a discount link, UTM link, or Safelink.

For this, you’ll need to integrate Zapier with your Social Snowball account. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to do that.

The first step is to creat a Zap with a Social Snowball trigger: Enrolled in Social Snowball. The trigger could be for affiliates enrolled through purchase, a sign-up form, bulk uploads, or manually added affiliates. For this tutorial, Enrolled in Social Snowball Through Purchase is being used.

The next step is to search for “ME-QR QR Code” on the Shopify app store and install it on your store. ME-QR QR Code works perfectly for this Zap and has a smooth Zapier integration.

As a next step in the Zap, use the event in ME-QR Code: Create Link Qr Code.

Now map the URL field to Affiliate Link (Social Snowball property). The QR code will only work for discount links, UTM links, and Safelinks.

You can also customize the appearance of the QR code.

An optional additional step is to email the affiliates their QR codes. To do this, create an additional step in Zapier to send an email using Gmail or your ESP of choice, like Klaviyo.

From the To section, pull up the Social Snowball property to fetch the affiliate’s email address. Customize your Subject, Body, etc. Use the QR code link in the body of the email to send a downloadable link. Additionally, you can attach the QR code PNG as well.

Once you publish this, your newly added affiliates will receive their unique QR codes with their affiliate link in their inbox.

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