By integrating Zapier with Social Snowball, you can easily connect Social Snowball to thousands of apps with just a few clicks! Events that happen in your Social Snowball account can now trigger action events to occur in 3rd party apps (and vice versa)!

As of right now, the following actions and triggers can be used in a Zapier automation:

  1. Social Snowball can trigger an action in another app when a new affiliate joins your program.

  2. An app can create affiliates in Social Snowball once an event has been triggered.

Examples of Zaps you can make:

  • Add emails of new Social Snowball affiliates to Facebook Custom Audiences

  • Add new Social Snowball affiliates to Attentive subscriber lists

  • Create new Social Snowball affiliates from Google Sheets rows

  • Create Social Snowball affiliates from new Privy sign-ups

And so much more!

If you dont already have a Zapier account, you'll first need to make a free account.

Then, go to Social Snowball's Zapier page.

Type the name of the app you want to integrate with into the search bar, or choose from some prebuilt templates shown below!

Once you've selected the app you want to integrate with, use the arrows to make sure the correct trigger and action events are set, and then click the Connect button.

When connecting Zapier to Social Snowball, you'll be shown a pop up asking you to login to your account and an OAuth screen asking you to approve the connection. If you not logged in, you may have to click the connect button twice (once again after you login) to see the OAuth approval screen. Once you approve the connection, you'll be able to continue on with building the Zap.

You'll have to do this same approval process for the 3rd party app you are connecting Social Snowball as well.

While building the Zap, you'll be asked to pair custom properties from Social Snowball into their respective fields in the other app (or vice versa). Make sure you fill these in accurately!

Next, you'll be asked to test and continue the Zap. Once it's automatically tested, you can now turn the Zap on and watch the magic happen!

For more help with the Zapier integration, visit Zapier's help center.

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