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How to bulk contact all of my affiliates with an email campaign?
How to bulk contact all of my affiliates with an email campaign?
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Sending your affiliates an email campaign is a great way to update affiliates about changes to their program as well as to keep them engaged and motivated.

To contact affiliates in bulk, you first need to enable the Klaviyo integration.

First, log in to your Klaviyo account and head to the Audience tab, and then click Lists & segments.

Click on Create List/Segment, and choose the option to Create a Segment.

To create a segment with all of your affiliates, choose the Properties about someone condition, and then select the Program - Social Snowball dimension, and put the value field to "is set". This way, any affiliate in any program in Social Snowball will be included in this segment.

To send a campaign to affiliates in a specific program, set the value field to "equals" and write the name of the program.

Next, go to the Campaigns tab and click Create Campaign.

Create a name, choose a type, and then click Save and continue.

In the Recipients section, choose the segment you created with all affiliates.

Now, create the content for the campaign, and send it or schedule it!

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