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Sending affiliates a free product welcome gift
Sending affiliates a free product welcome gift
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When an affiliate joins a program in Social Snowball, you have the ability to automatically send them a free product as a welcome gift. The gift can be any product from your Shopify.

Sending a gift

To configure this, go to the Programs tab in Social Snowball and click on the program you want to create a welcome gift for.

Please note: You cannot add a welcome gift to the default program. To utilize this feature, first create a new program.

From within the program builder page, scroll to the Welcome gift section. Turn the toggle switch on, and click the "Manage Eligible Products" button.

From the popup modal, you can select which products you want affiliates to be able to choose from when redeeming their gift. You can select as many as you'd like, and affiliates will be only able to choose one from what you've selected.

Make sure to click Publish to save your changes! Now, every time an affiliate joins this program, they'll receive a welcome gift.

Affiliates can redeem their welcome gift right from their dashboard, and doing so will create an order for the affiliate in Shopify.

You can choose to send affiliates an email notification when they receive a gift from within the email section in the Creatives tab, under Transactional emails.

Receiving a gift

To test the affiliate redemption experience, head to the Affiliates tab of your dashboard and click "Add affiliate".

From the popup, enter an email address you have access to (but not the same one you used to create your Social Snowball account!) and select a program with a welcome gift configured.

Once you add the affiliate, go to this link to finish creating your affiliate account. Once logged in, you'll see a notification to redeem your gift.

From here, you'll be able to choose what product you want, enter your shipping details, and claim the gift! Once you claim it, an order will be created in Shopify and marked as paid automatically.

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