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Sending store credit payouts with gift cards
Sending store credit payouts with gift cards
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Social Snowball allows you to send store credit payouts to your affiliates with gift cards generated right in your Shopify account.

To set up store credit rewards, start by going to the Programs tab in your Social Snowball dashboard, and click on the program which you wish to use store credit rewards.

From within the program builder page, head to the Commission Settings card and select "Store Credit". You can then choose if you'd like to pay a fixed amount of store credit or a percentage of the referred sale, and set any value. Make sure to click Publish!

Now, a gift card payout will be generated for your affiliates in this program when they make a referral.

If Auto-approve gift cards is enabled, the gift card will be sent instantly to the affiliate when a referral is made and passes all fraud checks. You'll be able to view paid payouts in the Payouts tab of your interface.

If Auto-approve gift cards is disabled, you can approve and send gift card payouts in the Payouts tab.

When a gift card payout is auto-approved or manually sent, the affiliate receives an email with the gift card that looks like this:

Affiliates can also always access their gift cards in the payouts tab of their affiliate interface by clicking the "View gift card" button for each payout.

When clicked, a pop up displaying the gift card info will appear:

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