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Increasing affiliate revenue with Klaviyo SMS
Increasing affiliate revenue with Klaviyo SMS
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Social Snowball integrates with Klaviyo to allow trigger events and custom properties to be sent from Social Snowball to your Klaviyo account. By integrating your affiliate program with Klaviyo's SMS product (as well as email), you can create a multi-channel communication experience for your affiliates and drive more revenue through referrals.

Setting up an affiliate SMS flow

To set up an SMS flow for affiliates, start by integrating Social Snowball with Klaviyo. To send SMS data from Social Snowball to Klaviyo as well as collect phone numbers from your affiliate sign-up form, enable the Send SMS data for Klaviyo SMS option in the Klaviyo integration popup.

Once this is enabled, Social Snowball will add a phone number field to your sign-up form. This field will remain optional:

Social Snowball will also now send phone number data from affiliates who onboard manually or through a purchase to Klaviyo.

Once the integration setup is complete, you can configure an affiliate SMS flow in the flow builder page in Klaviyo. For example: select a metric trigger event from Social Snowball such as "Enrolled in Social Snowball through purchase". Then, drag an SMS action from the actions list in the left navigation.

Within the SMS message builder, you can add custom properties from Social Snowball in the content of the message that will be unique for each affiliate (discount codes, tracking links, payout values, etc.). Use the "Add Property" dropdown select at the bottom of the editor to find these.

An example message with these properties could be: Welcome to our affiliate program! Share your discount code {{ person|lookup:"Referral Code - SocialSnowball"|default:'' }} and we'll send you {{ person|lookup:"Referral Reward - SocialSnowball"|default:'' }} every time someone uses your code!

As you write the content with dynamic properties on the left-hand editor, you can see the properties as sample values in the live preview on the right.

The most important flows to create

Post-purchase - Send affiliate reminders to customers after they purchase, with the goal of increasing customer -> affiliate activation rate.

Post sign-up form - Send affiliates their affiliate info after they self-board, as well as send strategic reminders to boost repeat referrals.

Want to set up Klaviyo SMS for your affiliates but don't know where to start? Request our templates here!

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