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How can I edit an affiliate's discount code after it has been generated?
How can I edit an affiliate's discount code after it has been generated?

How to change an affiliate's discount code or tracking link

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When an affiliate first creates their account, a custom discount code/link will be generated for them to share automatically. However, there are certain scenarios where an affiliate may want to change their code/link. This article will be going over how to edit a code/link after it has been generated.

Editing the code

Go to the Affiliates tab in your Social Snowball dashboard. Then, click on the name of the affiliate you wish to contact. You can also search the affiliate by their name, email address, or discount code/link.

This will bring you to the affiliate's profile page. Now, click on the edit button.

A pop-up with the affiliate's discount code/link appears. Type in the new code and click Save Changes.

If the code you typed is not currently an active code in Shopify, then you will see a success message in the top right corner of your screen. If the code already exists, you'll see an error message telling you to change the code to a unique one.

Viewing the new code in Shopify

To view the new code, head over to the Discounts tab in your Shopify Admin and search for the original code. Select the code, and then click the View all codes button.

You'll find the new code you created for the affiliate there.

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