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Sending commission payouts with the Tremendous integration
Sending commission payouts with the Tremendous integration
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After setting up your Tremendous integration, you'll be able to send payouts to your affiliates with ease.

First, go to the Payouts tab of your Social Snowball dashboard. To send a single payment, click on the affiliate you'd like to pay. In the next window, click Pay All

if you'd like to pay all the pending commissions of the affiliate. Alternatively, you can send the commissions for each referred order by clicking the Send Payment button adjacent to the referral order.

Click on the Send Payouts in the confirmation pop-up that appears.

To bulk send payments, start by selecting all the affiliates you wish to send the payment from the Payouts tab of your dashboard, and then click Pay All Selected.

Now, just click Send Payouts from the pop-up to send your bulk payouts!

Please Note:

  • Once an affiliate selects a method to receive the payment, it's theirs instantly (for example, if they choose "Starbucks gift card", it would generate an electronic gift card for them right then and there that they could use right away)

  • When you send a payout, your affiliate receives an email (that you can customize as shown in Step #1) informing them that they received a reward and asking how they want to claim it.

To set up your Tremendous integration, click here.

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