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How to enable the thank you page widget with checkout extension
How to enable the thank you page widget with checkout extension
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You can now use the Shopify checkout extension instead of the script tag for your thank you page widget. The script tag is the old version, and Shopify is deprecating it. You must switch to the new checkout extension before August 28, 2025. The new editor is less customizable but inherits Shopify theme styling.

To enable the new thank you page widget, go to Settings > Advanced and toggle the Thank You Page Checkout Extension.

Once you have enabled it, you can edit the new thank you page extension. Within the Customize tab, open the Thank You Page section and click on the Launch Editor button.


Once you have opened the editor, you can edit the Title, Share Title, and enable the Affiliate Login Link under the Text tab of the Thank You Page Editor.

Add custom properties like affiliate commissions or affiliate discount codes to your text from the drop-down list.

From the Social tab of the editor, choose which sharing options you wish to enable for the affiliates on the Thank You Page.

Once you have made all your customizations in the Thank You Page Editor, click Save.

The next step would be to add the Social Snowball Thank You Page widget to your Thank You page in Shopify Admin.

IMPORTANT: This will only work if you enable the new checkout extension in your Shopify Admin and add the Social Snowball Thank You Page widget.

To enable and add it in Shopify, open the Settings tab in your Shopify Admin.

Open the Checkout settings inside the Settings tab. Now, make sure to upgrade the Checkout pages, Thank you pages, and Order status pages to the new Checkout Extensibility. If you have already upgraded, click Customize.

To add the Social Snowball Thank You Page widget, open the Thank You page editor and click Add app block.

Here, click on the socialsnowball-thank-you app block to add it to your Thank You page.

You can drag and place the app block where you want it displayed.

Once done, make sure you click Activate pages if it's not activated already.

Click Save once done.

If you have any questions or need help, please reach out to us via live chat to ensure we get you up & running in no time!

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