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Analytics Dashboard for Advanced Reporting & Exports
Analytics Dashboard for Advanced Reporting & Exports
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Social Snowball allows you to access and export advanced analytics and affiliate data directly from your dashboard. You can review analytics for all programs and affiliates collectively or on a program-by-program basis, as well as for individual affiliates. In addition, you can export different kinds of program and affiliate data.

To access this feature, navigate to the Analytics tab on your Social Snowball dashboard.

Here, you can select your preferred date range.

You can utilize the filter function to view analytics for all programs and affiliates collectively, at the program level, or for individual affiliates.


You can track eight different metrics to understand the program/affiliate performance.





Default store currency

Total referral revenue generated by the affiliate(s)



Total number of referral orders

New Affiliates


Total number of new affiliates added to the program


Default store currency

Average order value of the referral customer(s) from the affiliate(s)


Default store currency

Total commissions generated (paid+unpaid)



Return on investment, i.e., total referral revenue divided by the total commissions


Default store currency

Cost per acquisition, i.e., total commissions divided by total orders

Link Clicks


Total number of unique link clicks on the affiliate link(s) if you're using links as a tracking method

You can also export the data for the selected date range and the selected Program filter.

To export your affiliate and program data, click on the Export button on the top-right corner of the Analytics tab.

Choose your preferred type of export from the Export raw data popup.

Export options:

  1. Conversions: This will give you an export of the affiliates' first name, last name, conversion date (date of affiliate's joining), revenue (generated by the affiliate's referrals), commission (Paid and Unpaid both), affiliate ID, and payout status (Paid or Unpaid).

  2. Affiliates: This will give you an export of the affiliates' first name, last name, and ID.

Once you've selected your preferred export and data points, click on Export.

Once you click on export, you'll receive the export in your account email address' inbox. Click on the Download button in the export email.

Note: When you click the Download button, ensure you're logged in to your Social Snowball account in the same browser.

You can now filter or sort the exported CSV to meet your reporting needs.

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