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Integrating Sendlane with Social Snowball
Integrating Sendlane with Social Snowball
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Sendlane is a cloud-based email marketing solution for content creators, digital marketers, and e-commerce companies. Key features include email automation, performance tracking, real-time reporting and analytics as well as email retargeting.

This article will go over how to integrate your Sendlane account with Social Snowball so that you can trigger welcome emails to your affiliates. You can include custom properties from the affiliate's Social Snowball profile (such as discount code, referral link, first name, last name, etc) in your emails that are sent via Sendlane.

#1 - Integrating Sendlane with Social Snowball

First, log in to your Sendlane account, click on the Settings icon from the menu in the bottom-left corner, and open the API tab. Click on the pink button to add API Token.

In the Create Access Token popup, type the token name and click Create.

Once the access token is created, click on Copy API Token.

Next, head to the Integrations tab inside your Social Snowball dashboard and click Connect in the Sendlane integration tile.

Toggle on the Enable integration and paste the copied API Token.

Next, go to your Sendlane dashboard and navigate to Audience>List tab from the menu. Here, create a list where you wish to add your Social Snowball affiliates.

Name the list and select the sender profile. Click on Confirm once done.

Now, go to the Integrations tab of your Sendlane Dashboard and click on the Custom integration tile.

Click Add Store.

Type your Store Name, Store URL, and choose the list that you just created for Social Snowball affiliates. Click Continue when done.

Click on the Settings icon of the site you just added.

Copy the Token.

Now head back to your Social Snowball dashboard and paste the Token you just copied.

Next, copy the ID of the list you created in the Audience>Lists tab of your Sendlane dashboard and paste it under the List ID box.

Click Save once done.

Your Sendlane account is now integrated with Social Snowball!

#2 - Adding Social Snowball Events to your Sendlane Account

On your Sendlane dashboard, head to Integrations>Custom and click on the first icon (Events) adjacent to the site you added earlier.

Click Create Event.

In the Create Event popup, add the Event name and click Create.


You need to copy and paste the event names from below for the integration to function properly.


#3 - Creating Automations in Sendlane for your Social Snowball Affiliates

Now that you have completed your integration and added events, you can set up automations.

For this, head to the Automations tab from your Sendlane dashboard and click on New Automation.

Name your automation and click Start.

Next, click on Add trigger and open the Custom triggers tab.

Scroll down in the Custom triggers tab and click on Custom Event trigger at the bottom of the section.

Select your Store, Limit Per Contact, and Event.

You can choose any Event trigger (among the ones you created earlier) for this automation.

Next, you can continue creating your automation by adding actions as per your requirements.


On any email you create to send to Social Snowball affiliates via the automation, you need to add the following syntax for the emails to fetch custom properties:

{% set name = trigger.getCustomEventName() %}
{% set data = trigger.getCustomEventData() %}

This syntax can be added in a separate Full Text block and will not be visible in your emails.

Custom properties that you can use in your emails:

  • First Name (e.g. Jon)

{{- data.affiliate_first_name -}}
  • Last Name (e.g. Snow)

{{- data.affiliate_last_name -}}
  • Program Name (e.g. Default program)

  • Discount Code (e.g. JON12345)


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