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How to edit the confirmation page of Social Snowball sign up forms
How to edit the confirmation page of Social Snowball sign up forms
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Social Snowball allows you to edit and customize the confirmation page that appears after an affiliate signs up for your affiliate program. Editing the confirmation page is a great way to keep onboarding customers to your affiliate program aligned with your branding. Here's how to do it:

First, go to the Customize tab of your merchant dashboard, and then open the Sign-Up Forms tab. Open the dropdown adjacent to the sign-up form you wish to edit the confirmation page for.

Next, open the Confirmation Page tab. On the left side of your screen, within the editor, you can modify all text, color, and styling of the confirmation page. Additionally, you'll find a live preview on the right side of your screen that updates in real-time as you make edits.

Insert personalization properties, such as affiliate commission, affiliate discount code, etc., in your Body Text from the Insert Variable {var} drop-down list.

You can select the social share options for affiliates on the confirmation page. Checkmark the ones you want to enable and deselect those you don't.

Once done, hit Publish.

If you have any questions or need help, please reach out to us via live chat to ensure we get you up & running in no time!

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