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Create an affiliate program landing page using Replo templates
Create an affiliate program landing page using Replo templates
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You can use prebuilt Replo templates to create landing pages for your affiliate programs. Replo has a variety of pre-designed templates specifically for Social Snowball users.

The first step is to sign up for an account with Replo and activate your subscription. Once done, install and connect Replo to your Shopify store using this link.

Now, on your Replo dashboard, click on your store to open the editor.

Create a “New Page” from the editor that follows.

In the pop up that appears after, click on “Start From a Template” to choose from the pre-existing templates available on Replo.

Select Social Snowball from the “Collections from Community” section. Click on “See All” and select from there if you don’t see it at first.

Choose your preferred template from the options available.

Fill in the Page Name, URL, and other details that follow.

Now you will land at the page editor. Customize the page to match your branding and edit the content relevant to your affiliate program.

Next, it’s time to embed your Social Snowball sign up form in this landing page. For this, click on “Components” and search “HTML”.

Drag and drop the Custom HTML component to your page where you’d like the sign up form.

Click on the settings of the HTML block and then head to the “Launch Code Editor” from the settings menu.

Now go to your Social Snowball dashboard and copy the Iframe code for the sign up form you wish to embed on the new landing page.

Go back to the Replo page editor, paste the code into the HTML code editor, and hit “Save Code”.

You will see the sign up form embedded on the page you just templatized. Preview the page, make any final changes, and click on “Publish Page”!

Your new affiliate landing page that you just created using Replo is now ready and live!

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