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Stacking affiliate discount codes with other discount codes from Shopify
Stacking affiliate discount codes with other discount codes from Shopify
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You can now combine discounts running on your Shopify store with your affiliate's discount codes without any attribution loss. Just be mindful that the combination might lead to a higher overall discount.

To enable this, head to your Shopify store and then the Discounts tab.

Next, click on the discount with which you wish to allow affiliate discounts to be stacked with.

Scroll down the discount settings till you see Combinations.

Select the options that you wish to allow combinations for. Specifically, for affiliate discount codes to work simultaneously with the selected discount, you have to make sure that Order discounts is selected. This will allow your site-wide discounts to work in combination with any other order discount type that is enabled and allows combination with order discounts.

Once you've done this, click Save and return to your Discounts tab. You'll find the discount folder for all the Social Snowball programs there.

Please note that the discount folder will be named after your Social Snowball program by default.

Click and open the discount folder of the program for which you wish to combine discounts with your site-wide discounts. Now enable Order discounts under Combinations for that program's discount folder and click Save.

Similarly, enable Order discounts for all programs you wish to combine site-wide discounts with. Now, your affiliate discount codes can be stacked with other discounts created in Shopify!

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