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Adding custom fields to an affiliate sign-up form
Adding custom fields to an affiliate sign-up form
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Adding custom fields to an affiliate sign-up form is a great way to collect additional data from your affiliates. There are endless use cases for this, such as collecting social media usernames or asking affiliates where they plan on promoting.

To set this up, go to the Customize tab in your dashboard and open the Sign-Up Forms section.

Create a new form or click on Edit from the dropdown adjacent to the form you wish to add fields to.

From within the Sign-Up Form Editor, head to the Fields tab and click on + Add Field to create a new custom field.

Once you click on + Add Field, you'll see a new field appear in the editor, as well as in the actual form itself.

Expand the new custom field and fill in the Field Type, Field Label, and Field Name. You can also make the field required or optional.


  • Field Type: Text fields can accept any response, while numerical fields can only accept numerical responses.

  • Field Label: This is the one that will be visible on the form.

  • Field Name: This is for your internal use only.

Once done, click Save & Publish.

When an affiliate submits a custom field response, you can view that data on their affiliate profile page.

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