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How to let affiliates choose & edit their own discount code
How to let affiliates choose & edit their own discount code
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Allowing affiliates to choose their own discount code is a great way for affiliates to create a shopping experience on your store that resonates with their audience. This functionality exists on the program level, so you can have some affiliates who are able to choose their own code while still not allowing others to.

To enable this feature, head to the Programs tab in your dashboard and click on the program which you wish to enable this for.

From the program builder page, scroll to Tracking Settings and enable the "Affiliates choose their own code" option.

In order for this option to show, you need to either have discount codes selected, or UTM links selected with the "Apply discount code with the tracking links" option also enabled.

Make sure to hit Publish to save your changes.

Now, affiliates will be able to choose their discount code when they sign up for this program with a sign up form, as well as change their code within their affiliate dashboard.

You can choose to include the affiliate code field in any sign up form associated to a program with this enabled.

Affiliates in a program with this enabled will be able to change their code from right within the affiliate dashboard.

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