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Integrating Attentive with Social Snowball
Integrating Attentive with Social Snowball
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Attentive empowers the most innovative brands to create meaningful interactions through personalized text messaging.

Social Snowball integrates with Attentive so that you can include affiliate trigger events and custom properties in your SMS campaigns and automations.

To set up this integration, start by heading to the Integrations tab of your Social Snowball dashboard, and click on Attentive.

When you click the Connect button, you'll be redirected to your Attentive dashboard where you can authorize the integration.

After clicking Authorize, you'll be directed back to Social Snowball. To finalize the integration, you'll need to add a Sign Up Method ID from Attentive into your Social Snowball account.

Important: To get your Sign Up Method ID, please contact your Attentive CSM or reach out to Attentive support.

Once you add the Sign Up Method ID and click save, the integration is ready to go!

To test the integration in action, head to the Journeys tab in your Attentive dashboard and click "Create journey".

Choose "Start from scratch". You can now choose a Social Snowball trigger event to build the Journey with. Social Snowball adds the following trigger events to your Attentive account:

Trigger events

Social Snowball - Affiliate created manually

Triggers when an affiliate is added to a program via manual creation

Social Snowball - Signed up as an affiliate via sign up form

Triggers when an affiliate signs up to a program from a sign up form

Social Snowball - Discount code changed

Triggers when an affiliate's discount code is manually changed

Social Snowball - Affiliate changed program

Triggers when an affiliate changes programs

Social Snowball - New referral sale

Triggers when an affiliate drives a successful referral and any fraud filters are cleared

Social Snowball - Payout sent

Triggers when a payout is sent to an affiliate

Social Snowball - Signed up as an affiliate via purchase

Triggers when an affiliate is added to a program from completing a purchase on your store

You can use any of these trigger events when setting up Journeys to target affiliates.

For this test, let's choose the "Social Snowball - Affiliate created manually" trigger. In the Journey builder page, add a "Send a text message" action to the Journey. Within the message builder, you can include custom properties from Social Snowball in the content of the message by clicking the "{ }" option. Social Snowball adds the following custom properties to your Attentive account:

Custom properties

{Social Snowball - Commission Value}

The commission value of the program the recipient affiliate is in

{Social Snowball - Currency}

The currency of the affiliate program

{Social Snowball - Discount Code}

The affiliate's discount code

{Social Snowball - Discount Value}

The value of the affiliate's discount code

{Social Snowball - Gift Card}

The Shopify gift card code generated for a store credit payout

{Social Snowball - Order Amount}

The value of the order referred by the recipient affiliate

{Social Snowball - Payout Amount}

The value of the payout sent to the affiliate

{Social Snowball - Program}

The program name that the recipient affiliate is currently in

{Social Snowball - Referral Code Type}

{Social Snowball - Referral Link}

The recipient affiliate's tracking link (Either a UTM link or discount link)

An example message you can send is:

Welcome to our affiliate program! Here's your discount code:
{Social Snowball - Discount Code}
Every time someone buys with that code, we'll send you {Social Snowball - Commission Value} !

Click save once you're happy with the message, and then click the "Turn on" button at the top right of the page to turn on the Journey.

Now that this journey is live, let's give it a test! Head to your Social Snowball dashboard, and navigate to the Affiliates tab. Click the "Add affiliates" button in the top right.

Input a unique email and phone number, and then click Add affiliate.

If this affiliate isn't an existing subscriber in Attentive, a new subscriber profile will be created and the affiliate will receive an opt-in message before entering the Journey.

After the user opts in, it can take up to 5 minutes for them to enter the Journey.

If the user is already opted in, they will be entered into the Journey instantly.

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