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Integrating Attentive with Social Snowball
Integrating Attentive with Social Snowball
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Attentive empowers the most innovative brands to create meaningful interactions through personalized emailing and text messaging.

Social Snowball integrates with Attentive via Zapier so that you can include affiliate trigger events and custom properties in your email campaigns and automation.

For this, you will need to contact the Attentive support team to get approved for Zapier and have your Creative IDs issued. You can use this email template to make the above request.

Once you're done integrating Zapier and Attentive, you’ll need to integrate Zapier with your Social Snowball account. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to do that.

We have a pre-designed Zap that you can use to add affiliates to your Attentive account and send emails:

Here's the link to use our pre-designed Zap template.

You can edit the triggers in this Zap to create the flow you want based on your affiliate acquisition method.

The next step will be to subscribe the newly added affiliate as a user in Attentive.

In the same step, navigate to the Actions tab and populate the Phone and Email fields with the corresponding Social Snowball affiliate profile data. Here, you will also need to use one of the Creative IDs you received from Attentive Support earlier.

Once the affiliate is added as a subscriber, we need the following step to retrieve the affiliate's Social Snowball profile properties into their Attentive user profile.

In the same step, navigate to the Actions tab and add all the custom properties you wish to import from the affiliate's profile in Social Snowball into Attentive. Just add the field name and select the corresponding Social Snowball profile property.

Once you add your preferred custom properties, the Actions tab will look like this:

Next Step: You can now send an outbound email and include different Social Snowball custom properties, such as an affiliate link, commission rate, discount value, etc. You can set up this flow inside Attentive and not use Email by Zapier as in the shared template.

Once you're done, test the flow. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help with this integration.

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