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How to manually add an affiliate to an affiliate program
How to manually add an affiliate to an affiliate program
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Onboarding is primarily automated in Social Snowball, but there are times when brands need to manually add affiliates to their programs.

Now, a merchant can easily create an affiliate account without the affiliate having to make a purchase or fill out a sign up form. The process takes just a few clicks, let's get started!

To start, navigate to your Social Snowball Dashboard and select the "Affiliates" tab.

Next, press the "Add Affiliates" in the top right corner.

On the pop-up modal, fill out the form with the required information, select the Program you would like to add them to on the drop down menu, and press "Add affiliate".

Now a pop up will appear showing that a corresponding account has been created for the affiliate and a referral code has been assigned to them.

Press "Email affiliate with account info" to send them their information and allow them to complete their portion of the sign up process.

And that's it! They will receive the following email and be all set to begin promoting your brand.

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