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Integrating KnoCommerce with Social Snowball
Integrating KnoCommerce with Social Snowball
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Social Snowball integrates with KnoCommerce to assist you in maximizing the reach of your affiliate network by allowing you to include Social Snowball's Thank You Page widget natively in Knocommerce surveys.

For those unfamiliar, KnoCommerce is a Shopify app that allows you to include custom surveys on your Thank You pages, which gather reliable analytics from your customers when they check out.

Priming users through KnoCommerce surveys has been shown to increase the likelihood of customers sharing their discount codes or tracking links.

First, head to your KnoCommerce Dashboard and click on the "Data" tab.

Once you have navigated to the Data tab click on Surveys.

Select Create a New Survey. When completing the Ask Questions step, choose to start with a template. From within the template library, select Social Snowball.

After the survey questions are created with the Social Snowball template included, press Complete and on the following page click Publish.

To test your surveys, navigate back to Shopify and make a test purchase on your store.

If integrated correctly, the following widget will populate at the top of the Check Out page:

Select "Yes" and the Social Snowball discount code information will appear for the customer:

And that's it! Your Thank You pages now contain a custom survey integrated with Social Snowball.

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