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Advanced targeting and automated segmentation
Advanced targeting and automated segmentation
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The advanced targeting section at the bottom of our program builder page is one of the most time saving automation features we've ever released. Using this feature, you are able to:

  • Create multiple affiliate program tiers

  • Set rules for each program

  • Segment affiliates into different programs automatically based on these rules

  • Personalize affiliate programs to different customer cohorts

  • Reward higher performing affiliate with bigger incentives

  • Save a lot of time and headache!

Using this feature, you can set rules for segmenting affiliates into specific programs based on the affiliate's:

  • Location

  • Currency

  • Previous spend on your store

  • Amount of orders placed on your store

  • Amount of referred revenue

  • Amount of referred orders

  • Specific products previously purchased on your store

When you publish rules in the advanced targeting section, affiliates who meet the requirements to join the program will be segmented into it automatically, with no action needed on your end.

If an affiliate meets the requirement to join multiple programs, they will join the one with the highest priority, as determined by the order of programs on your programs overview page. You can adjust this order by dragging and dropping programs with the 6 dot icon on the left.

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