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Creating affiliate program tiers
Creating affiliate program tiers
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Creating tiers is a great way to segment affiliates based on preset criteria. Here's how to do it:

First, head to the Programs tab, and click the New Program button in the top right.

After setting the reward and tracking for the program, scroll down to advanced targeting and enable it.

Now, you can set the rules for this tier. For example, if you want this tier to be for affiliates who have referred more than 3 sales but less than 10, put "3" in the total referred orders minimum field, and "10" in the maximum field.

Once you're done setting the rules for this program, click the publish button.

Now, when an affiliate meets the criteria for this program, they will be segmented into it automatically and notified about their new program details! You can view the notification they receive by going to your Creatives tab, scrolling to the email settings, and then filtering by "other" emails. You can also integrate with Klaviyo to customize this email.

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