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Integrating PageFly with Social Snowball
Integrating PageFly with Social Snowball
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Social Snowball integrates with PageFly to allow you to include an affiliate sign up form as an element block in your PageFly pages.

To set up this up, first head to your Social Snowball account and go over to the Customize -> Creatives tab in your dashboard.

Under the Affiliate Sign Up Form section, click "Reveal Embed Code" and then copy the displayed code. If you wish to customize your sign up form before adding it to a PageFly page, see Customizing the affiliate sign up form.

Now, head to your PageFly dashboard. Go to the Pages tab, and then select the page you wish to add your Social Snowball sign up form to.

Select the "Add third party element" tab on the left, and then scroll down to and expand the Referral & Affiliate Marketing category. Select Social Snowball, and then drag the Affiliate Signup Form into your page editor.

Now, Paste your iframe code copied from Social Snowball into the Embedded Code section on the right.

Now just save and publish your page when you're ready to go live! You can now acquire affiliates through any page built with PageFly.

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