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Customizing the social media posts shared by affiliates
Customizing the social media posts shared by affiliates
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In Social Snowball's thank you page feature and emails, we give affiliates the ability to share their discount code/link across popular social channels with just one click.

You can customize the prewritten message that will populate when an affiliate clicks to share on any social channel, and then your affiliate will be able to edit this message further (if they'd like to) before posting.

First, head to the Customize -> Creatives tab in your merchant dashboard, and scroll to the "Post Settings" section.

Now, type the message you want your affiliates to share in the box. Click on any of the blue buttons to insert custom properties that are unique to each user. Once you've finished customizing, click the blue save button to save your changes. You can now preview the prewritten post by clicking on any of the social media icons below the text box!

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