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How to manually import affiliates into your affiliate program from Google Sheets
How to manually import affiliates into your affiliate program from Google Sheets
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Using Social Snowball's Zapier integration, you have the ability to manually import affiliates into your affiliate program from rows in Google Sheets!

First, you will want to create your Google Sheet in the correct format for importing affiliates. To do so, you will need to create three columns: First name, Last name, Email, and Program. Then, you'll need to add example data for the first row underneath the headings. You can put any random first name, last name, and email. Here's what it should look like:

Don't add any actual affiliates to the sheet yet, we will do this later.

Now, let's set up the integration. Click the Start here button to be brought to this integration's page.

Click the "Connect Social Snowball + Google Sheets" button". Sign into Zapier (or create a free account), and then continue.

Connect your Google Sheets account and then click Next

Now, select the spreadsheet you will use for importing your affiliate's info, and (if applicable) select the specific worksheet.

Then, connect your Social Snowball account by following the on-screen instructions.

Map the fields to their respective columns, as shown below. Program is not a mandatory field, the affiliates will join the default program in case you leave it empty.

Zapier will ask you to test the Zap. You'll notice the fields automatically filled out with the sample affiliate we created. Click on Test step.

You will be able to view the new test affiliate in your Social Snowball account in the Affiliates tab. Affiliates that you import will be tagged with the "API" acquisition method.

Confirm and turn on your Zap, you're now ready to start importing affiliates!

Now, you can add as many new rows as needed to the Google sheet, and all will become affiliate accounts in Social Snowball!

Please note, it can take up to 15 minutes for affiliates to be shown in Social Snowball after adding them to the Google Sheet.

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