Generating a tracking link that your affiliates can use to promote your business is a great way to track the sales made by your affiliates without having to provide a discount on your sales.

Any sales made through your affiliate tracking links and commissions due can be tracked on your Social Snowball dashboard, just as you would with a discount code.

This article will go over all the steps necessary to generate tracking links instead of discount codes for your affiliates.

First, log in to your Social Snowball dashboard, navigate to the “Customize”, click "Program" tab underneath it.

Under the “Program” tab, in “Discount Code Settings” section and you will find the option to Use tracking links instead of discount codes.

Toggle on switch to turn on the option to generate tracking links instead of discount codes. Select the landing page.

If you choose "Product" or "Collection" page, a pop-up will be displayed and you will be asked to update the app permissions. Click "Update permissions" button.

Once you clicked "Update permissions" button, you will be redirected to Shopify and click "Update app" button if you agree with the permissions.

Once the update is done, you will be redirected to Program page again. You will be given a choice to "Choose product".

Turning this option on resets the contents of the “Thank you” page shown on your Shopify store whenever a sale is made.

You can add any custom messages to show on the “Thank you” page, by clicking on the “Open Editor” shown under the “Thank You Page Settings”.

Here is a sample of the thank you page shown, when the discount links option is turned on.

To the prospective affiliates, a discount link will be given. Clicking on the link takes the customers directly to your Shopify store and any sales made using the tracking link will have a $0 discount applied at the checkout.

If you would like to include discounts with your tracking links, please refer to this article.

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